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Athena/Neith, Goddess of Wisdom



In Egypt, when the worshippers of the goddess Neith (also an unmarried goddess of weaving, wisdom, and war) were introduced to Athena, they recognized her as a face of the same goddess.  


Neith weaves the world into being at each moment, and is also associated with the archetype of the primordial ocean goddess, who gives birth to the other gods and creates the world out of herself.  Her symbols include a shield and crossed spears, the loom, and the ankh (symbol of the fertile power of life force).  She is brave enough to suckle Sobek, the crocodile god of lust and fury, and to defend warriors.


Click here for a guided meditation to meet Neith, and enter the password "worldweaver"

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and weaving.  In her aspect as Neith, she is also found among the goddesses of Egypt.

She brings the ability to step back just a little bit in order to create enough distance from a situation to see the "big picture" objectively.


If the pattern shows that there is a need to defend oneself, Athena is also a powerful ally.  She is straightforward, rational, and strong, and her shield (decorated with the face of Medusa) allows her to reflect the ugliness of others back to them, so that they are unable to attack.  She is also able to weave the threads strategically.

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