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Durga - Tiger Goddess


Durga is one of the Hindu goddesses, closely related to Kali.​

Prayer to Durga


My heart has become brittle

Sharp chips held by cold promises

Already shattered in the next crash

Against a locked door.


Come, Tiger,

I can see you're unimpressed

With my tepid attempts

To do this job safely


Oh, Tiger

Come blast my wild love free

With the bellows of your breath!

Melt me!



Durga is a powerful goddess who rides a tiger and slays demons.  Here is a wonderful version of the story of Durga as told by Chameli Ardaugh.


She brings the ability to be fully present and in touch with the wild love that is at our heart's center.  She has no patience with ego power games and defensive tricks, but invites us to surrender our petty defenses and instead feed the flame of unconditional love that is the hot truth no demon can withstand.


"No need to judge yourself or try to fix yourself,

just fan the heat of your love, sister,

fan it with every breath you take.

Let it unfurl like a tiger in your heart." -- Chameli Ardaugh

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