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Freya: Goddess of Love and Conflict



Wild, innocent,

I freely choose

To unfurl black wings,

Silken strings,

That pure passion may flow

Through shining heart

And healing hands.


Come, fierce Lover,

Fly with me! 



Freya is one of the Germanic nature gods that preceded the Norse Aesir pantheon.  She is a shape-shifter, her magical feathered cloak allowing her to become a black hawk or raven (echoes of Isis).  Her two large wildcats are also reminiscent of a number of other goddesses, including Inanna, Isis, and Sekhmet.  She also has a handy necklace that makes her irresistible!


She is wild, passionate, strong, innocent, and helps us choose consciously to act with extravagant love rather than censoring ourselves and unconsciously generating negativity and conflict.  Her pair of lynxes are running with her out of free choice, each connected to her through a silken cord, and this image of two strong individuals aligning their paths through inspiration from the goddess is a powerful one for magical couples to work with.


We can ask Freya to help us turn ourselves on to love, passion, and being open to being wild!

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