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Inanna, Queen of Heaven

Inanna is from Sumeria

She is Queen of Heaven, and calls us to fulfill our true potential.  She is depicted with two lions flanking her throne, and her colors are lapis (deep blue) and purple.  


Inanna's descent is a powerful myth that speaks to many women's lives.  Inanna descends into the Underworld, giving up her power as she goes, and arrives naked and defenseless in the land of the Dead, where her sister Erishkigal is Queen.  Inanna makes the mistake of daring to sit on her sister's throne, whereupon Erishkigal kills her and hangs her body on a meathook.  Inanna's friend Nimshubur, whom she left behind, sends two "queer beings" to rescue her.  They bring the water of life and revive her corpse, allowing her to reascend to the throne of Heaven, now wiser than before.


She is a loving and compassionate grandmother, ever young and ever calling us to be gentle with ourselves and learn from our mistakes.

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