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Recommended Teachers, Books and Magical Items

WildCat has studied extensively with worthy spiritual teachers in several religious traditions, including working personally with everything and everyone listed here.  Although she welcomes reciprocal recommendations and affilative relationships, she recommends the following books, magical items and spiritual practices for their quality and usefulness, and not because of any financial arrangements.  


WildCat would like to express her gratitude in particular for Thorn Coyle's Feri training, and the many years of mentoring and collaboration she has enjoyed with the other teachers and priestesses in Reclaiming, including Juniper, Suzanne, Cat Dancing, and Rainy.  She is also grateful for the many students who have inspired and helped develop the work, through participating in classes and fearlessly applying the tools to transforming their lives, especially the faithful core: Linda, Serena, Wren, Mark, Suzanne, Matt,  


May you all enjoy lives filled with Love and Magic!      WildCat

WildCat's teachers

From a variety of religious traditions​

Recommended books

Selected for excellence, practicality, and influence on WildCat's work.

Magical items

​WildCat's favorite Tarot deck and more. Symbolic jewelry can be used to focus the intention of a spell.


Powerful, ecumenical, and accessible.

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