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In this third course in the M.A.G.I.C. training, we learn to give and receive love energy freely.


The process starts with Witnessing: giving our full presence to another, then moves to loving service (giving on all levels), nurturing and encouraging growth, and finally to graciously and gratefully receiving energy on all levels.


Couples (of all kinds, including gay, lesbian, and straight) are welcome, but even if you are currently single, or your partner is not pursuing the MAGIC training, you can take full advantage of the course to become a free giver and receiver of magical energy with your allies of all kinds.


The levels of energy flows are linked to the seven chakras:


  1. at the root, we give and receive physical support, such as material gifts, food, clothing, shelter, and helping with chores or logistics

  2. at sex, we give and receive sensual experiences, from chocolate-covered strawberries to lovemaking.

  3. at power, we lead, follow, cooperate, make and keep agreements, and empower our allies.

  4. at heart, we give and receive affection.

  5. at throat, we give words of affirmation, conversation, cards, poems, songs, and deep listening

  6. at third eye, we see ally's Divine Spirit, and support them in their vision, and share our own Divine Spirit and vision with them

  7. at the crown, we share spiritual and ecstatic experiences and tools with our allies

MAGIC: Giving and Receiving Energy 



Next course TBA


Prerequisites: self-Mastery and Alliance




10% of proceeds of this course will be donated to Equality Texas to support their political work toward equal marriage rights. 

"I am a Witch, not a therapist, and I see magical work as complementary to, not a replacement for, other forms of healing.  My work empowers you to take responsibility for healing yourself and creating your own magical life!" -- WildCat

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