The Pentacle of self-Mastery: Focus, Initiative, Equanimity, Positivity, and Openness


The Pentacle of self-Mastery is an integrated set of protective magical practices (a mix of meditative exercises and energy work) that defend the novice to experienced magic worker from unhealthy spiritual influences and form an ethical basis of self-mastery for all other magic.  In this class, you will learn to:

  • direct your focus so that you are immune from being led off your chosen course, 

  • strengthen your will to overcome procrastination and other obstacles to initiating actions both magical and mundane, 

  • moderate your emotional life so you can respond rather than reacting involuntarily, 

  • become a source of love rather than criticism, and 

  • open yourself to the energy of new possibilities,including the development of your psychic powers.  


In addition to providing protection, these practices strengthen the "manifesting current" from the crown chakra downward that gives us the power to manifest, and foster the ability to choose consciously what experiences we manifest.  

MAGIC Training:

self-Mastery, Alliance, Generosity/Gratitude,

Intention, and Co-Creation!

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