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WildCat's M.A.G.I.C. Training is a 5-step course in Magical Manifestation:

  • Master yourself,

  • learn to be an Ally for others,

  • Give and receive energy freely,

  • create Intentions with your Allies, both human and divine, and

  • Co-Create consciously!


Create Sacred Space to Explore


In order to consciously creating your life, you need to create time to connect with your own Divine Spirit and with your spiritual allies.  If you are not already doing this, chances are you are feeling the call but distracting yourself with other activities.   To find out what you are really searching for, underneath the business of your everyday life, you may want to try WildCat's email course  Ariadne's Golden Thread: What Am I Really Searching For? 


Once you have freed up time, to help you create a deep and interesting daily spiritual practice, WildCat has created a very accessible 21-day email-based course you can join at any time, from anywhere, called Creating Your Daily Magical Practice.  This course is the pre-requisite to the MAGIC training, and includes many "advanced" as well as "basic" magical tools.  


Now is when the M.A.G.I.C. begins!


The 5 Steps to Magical Co-Creation


Step One: Master Yourself and Manifest!


A Master is a person who can direct their focus, initiate and complete actions, respond consciously rather than reacting unconsciously in emotional situations, see the positive aspects of the world around them, and remain open to possibilities for change in themselves and others.  A Master works out of radical acceptance of the world as it truly is, and does not deny or coddle their own weaknesses, but heals them and grows beyond them.  A Master has the ability to direct tremendous power to manifest their intentions in the world, while also creating safety for those around them.


In this course, you will remove blocks to the downward current of energy from the spiritual world through your body and soul into the physical world, and become a Master of Magical Manifestation.  You will develop the magical tools you need to manifest your personal goals such as health, security, sobriety, abundance, joy, and love, and in so doing become a magical creator who is capable of truly collaborating with others.  The practices taught in the self-Mastery course will also protect you from unhealthy influences and allow you to develop the ethical strength necessary to handle increasing power responsibly and graciously.


Step Two: Alliance with Others


Once we have begun to master ourselves, we can become effective allies with others in creating our lives.  In the second six-month course in the MAGIC training, you learn to become aware of others in their differences as well as their commonalities, make a connection by offering assistance, accept difference by quieting your defensive reactions, affirm others' interests and negotiate healthy agreements, and adapt yourself by learning from your interactions and changing to accommodate others.  In this course, you will master the art of meeting a new ally, whether human or divine, and through the interaction awakening new capacities within yourself, as well as being of service.  You will also learn to create healthy, strong magical boundaries and embody a powerful but peaceful alternative to the archetypes of violence.


Step Three: Generosity and Gratitude


Having made true connections with others, we are now able to give love generously and receive it freely, with gratitude.  In the third six-month course in the MAGIC training, we learn to balance freedom and responsibility, exchange the energy of love consciously with others, and create clean relationships rather than entanglements.  A magical relationship, whether it be a life partnership or a fleeting friendship, is a sacred dance of lovers who are simultaneously in internal balance, in conscious, responsive contact with each other, and creating in harmony with the music the gods are now playing.  


Step Four: setting Intention


Now that we are exchanging energy freely with others, we can make decisions consciously and set intentions collaboratively with others around us, and with our spiritual allies.


Step Five: Conscious Co-Creation


With the power of self mastery, healthy boundaries, free and loving connection with others, and shared intention, we can step fully into conscious co-creation with others and with our spiritual allies.  Now we have the power to create amazing results in our work, relationships, and health.



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