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Magical Ethics

WildCat takes the ethics of magic very seriously.  Here are some tenets she adheres to:

  • Before working any magic, she connects to the wild love at her own center, and, through her connections with the gods, to the primal, loving source of the Universe, so that all her magic is powered by the wild, true life force of love.  She aligns all her magic with the intentions of her own Divine Spirit.  As much as possible, she maintains that awareness of connection and alignment in each moment of her life.

  • She works magic, including spells, primarily on herself, and believes her responsibility is to use the wild life force of love to  awaken, nurture, transform, grow, evolve, and birth herself and to love others as she midwives them in their own process of birthing themselves.  She leads and teaches others to work magic on themselves, if and how they choose to do so, in order to blossom and thrive in their own lives.

  • When direct communication with another human being is difficult, she will call upon divine intermediaries to assist in delivering messages intended to serve the highest good of the other person and of the relationship, but she refrains from any attempt to interfere with the free will of others.

  • While she honors sex as an expression of the wild life force of love, and feels called to assist couples in enhancing their relationships sexually as well as in other ways, no nudity or sexual activities of any kind are included in the workshops.  Partnership magic exercises honor the boundaries of committed relationships, and no one is ever asked to do couples work with someone other than their own partner.

  • She speaks from her own experience, respects the experience of others, and honors the authority of each individual participant.  Participants are always free to take on what works for them and leave the rest.

  • She practices what she recommends to others.

  • Her primary aim is to assist those who are ready to take responsibility for what they are creating in their lives, and who want to work with the wild, true life force of love in doing so.

  • She offers magic classes at a variety of price points so that everyone can afford to learn, and in every class her goal is to give far more value in magical tools than the price of the course.

  • She speaks from her own authority, intuition, and magical experience, and does not represent any one tradition.  She makes every effort to credit her teachers when she does pass on magical tools and practices she learned from others.

  • She enjoys collaborating with others and recommends the work of others she knows and respects.  She chooses to work with humans and deities whose intentions are aligned with hers and generally beneficial, and is very cautious about working with deities or other spiritual beings whose intentions are unreliable (see invoking spiritual beings). Love is wild, and sometimes needs to destroy demons in order to bring healing, but it does not use the ends to justify unethical means.

  • She does not represent herself as a therapist or healer, although many of the tools she teaches are very therapeutic and healing. 

  • All classes are open only to adults 18 and over, with the exception of the introductory series, which is also open to 16 and 17-year-olds, if a parent is participating in the class.







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