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Magical Power Struggles

Manifestation isn't so easy when our intentions conflict with those of others!
Magical Practice: Magical Spheres of Influence

Here's a sneak preview into new material I'm working on... In magic and in life there are things that are completely in our own power and responsibility to create, such as our own attitudes, self-talk, personal development, focus, presence, spiritual practice, cash flow, habits, communication, behavior, and, to a great extent, health and safety. When we focus our magical intentions in these areas, and unblock the flow of manifestation through our energy channel by changing limiting beliefs and working with spiritual allies, it is relatively easy to create miraculous changes in ourselves quickly. We then attract all sorts of wonderful changes in our surroundings. Where we often run into trouble is that it is easy to become focused on the work someone else (partner, friend, coworker, political opposition) has left undone and, in the process, neglect our own work. Our intentions become entangled in patterns of criticism, denial, defensiveness, and magical arm-wrestling, and increasing the flow of power only escalates the conflict. By resisting changing ourselves, we continue to attract negativity and are unable to manifest the intentions of our Divine Spirits for our lives. The results are often tragic, but to shift them, and our own attitudes, it is helpful to see the comedy in the situations we've created and to laugh at ourselves. Demons cannot abide being laughed at! Come to the Tejas Web Lughnasadh ritual Saturday, August 2nd, 6 pm at Garrison Park to see some hilarious and empowering magical theater as my daughter Talia and I act out some of the common scenarios. Love and Magic, WildCat

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