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The flow of abundance

Magical Practice: Journey to Meet Lakshmi

Here's a sneak preview into new material I'm working on... Many of us have limiting beliefs that get in the way of our manifesting abundant cash flow. Not only may we have holdovers from a Biblical upbringing "You cannot serve both God and Money," and "Money is the root of all evil," and "It is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the Kingdom of Heaven," and have learned ideas from our parents about where we belong in society and what we can afford, but we may have created more blocks for ourselves as eco-feminist pagans with strong ethical attachments to the causes of the '99%,' wanting to use as few of the Earth's resources as possible, and identification with the pre-Christian peasant class of Europe. But are we really serving ourselves, our allies, and the planet by limiting our wealth, as spiritual, Earth-honoring people? What if more spiritual, ecologically minded, peaceful, justice-oriented people were channeling the wealth of the world? Would that change the political landscape? Would we personally use more of Earth's resources or fewer if we had more cash? Would we have more resources with which to finance our favorite causes and give to those who need it? Would we be able to afford more green energy, organic food, and efficient new technologies? Would we be putting less in the pockets of the credit card companies and more in our retirement accounts? Would we have less stress in our lives, and more time for spiritual practice? Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of material abundance AND spiritual abundance -- joy and ecstatic connection with the source of all manifestation, and a happy, prosperous household. She works closely with Ganesh, the elephant-headed remover of obstacles, and Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, creativity and learning, to help us find a way to manifest abundance in our lives both materially AND spiritually, and to do so while bringing our unique gifts to the world. Click here for a recording of a journey to meet Lakshmi and begin to learn what limiting beliefs you carry regarding wealth, what you are getting out of limiting your cash flow, and how you are sabotaging yourself in your attempts to manifest wealth (enter the password "Abundance!"). You'll have a chance to ask the goddess to replace a limiting belief with an empowering one, and begin to get out of your own way! Repeat this journey as often as you like, and let me know what shifts for you! I'll be doing the same, and wishing you all the abundant energy in the form of both JOY and CASH the gods want to flow through you into the world. Love and Magic, WildCat

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