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Reason #2 you need self-Mastery:

...People who are masters of themselves attract friends, coworkers, bosses, and lovers who are masters of themselves, too.

No, you can't change the annoying tendency of the people around you to criticize, complain, shirk their work, stand you up, succumb to their addictive patterns, or otherwise fall short of self-Mastery. But if you take full responsibility for your own behavior, you'll find that those relationships do shift, those people annoy you less, and new people appear in your life who are consciously creating their lives.

Taking responsibility for your own behavior doesn't have to be a chore! Ultimately, it is a joyful process that involves

1. Focusing on what is really important to your Divine Self's mission on earth.

2. Freeing your will from coercion and bad habits

3. Consciously using your emotions to sense the energy flows in situations and choose an appropriate response rather than getting "triggered" and reacting.

4. Shifting your energy from critical and negative to supportive and loving.

5. Opening your mind and heart to learning from others, recognizing your own growth, and feeling the creative possibilities the gods offer...

Sound good? I'd love to work with you on developing your self-Mastery! Please visit or Facebook to apply for the next WildCat Magic self-Mastery training beginning Jan 10!

Love and Magic,


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