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Rhiannon, Horse Goddess

Rhiannon is the Welsh goddess of sovereignty.

She is a shape-shifter, appearing as a mare or a lady riding a mare.  


She can be spotted riding at dusk, but can never be caught.  You must ask the lady to stop, and then she will pause and grant your wish.  If you are worthy, devoting yourself to her conveys the right to rule the land and the power and wisdom to do so well.


She also brings endurance, the ability to bear injustice, undeserved punishment and disappointment, and the unceasing pull to move on to the next phase of life, and into the next life.


This chant is by Thorn Coyle, my teacher in the Feri tradition:


Rhiannon carry us, Rhiannon carry us, Rhiannon carry us over.

Crossing the threshhold from sleeping to waking from birthing to dying and over

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