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Spiritual Beings

Spiritual beings come in many varieties, including deities, elemental forces, the Fey, angels, nature spirits, and humans who are not currently incarnated. Many of them are bigendered or gender transcendent (for example, angels), although some carry archetypal energy that humans experience as associated with one gender or the other (gods and goddesses). Very generally, many masculine deities or gods bring archetypal energies associated with the manifesting (spirit to earth) current that enables humans to bring intentions to concrete form, while many feminine deities or goddesses bring archetypal energies associated with the liberating (earth to spirit) current that enables humans to transcend the material world and reconnect with spiritual beings.  Early in human history, goddesses were ascendent, and humans fed the gods through the ambrosia of their religious ecstasy and love; later in the patriarchal period the focus of humanity was on affecting the material world, first through the power of the gods, and then acting as gods through the power of technology.  Now our mission is to re-integrate feminine and masculine into a healthy whole so that we can co-create with the spiritual beings, working with both the liberating and the manifesting currents in a balanced way.  In the Reclaiming tradition, "Mysterious Ones" is a name in current use for spiritual beings like elementals, nature spirits, and other archetypal forces that may be gender transcendent or not personal at all.  WildCat works with a broad variety of spiritual beings, including god/desses, angels, the dead, and animal spirits, and experiences them as beings with personalities and agendas as distinct as those of humans.  In her experience, all of the gods and other spiritual beings mentioned in the mythology of the world traditions are real.


Meet some of the goddesses WildCat works with

And some of the Other Spiritual Beings

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