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Your Magical Life (Elements of Magic)

This introductory magic class is cross-listed with our local Central Texas Reclaiming collective, Tejas Web, as Elements of Magic, a Reclaiming core class.  Elements of Magic is an introductory course organized around the magical Elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit.  In the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft, courses are co-taught, which is a wonderful catalyst for the creative process.  WildCat is excited to be teaching this course with Wren this Spring.


Your Magical Life introduces the basic magical tools that will help you create your life with conscious intention, including purification, grounding, soul alignment, establishing a daily meditation practice, casting a circle, working with energy, establishing relationships with deities, divination with the Tarot, and spellcraft.  After completing this course, you will have the foundation to take on with confidence the more advanced courses WildCat teaches, as well as additional classes offered by Tejas Web


(Note regarding tuition for this course: ​Tejas Web courses are offered on a sliding scale, so that participants can pay what they can afford within the range.  Please indicate what you can pay in the message when you register, and WildCat will reply with instructions for sending your payment via paypal.  The "buy now" button will allow you to pay the maximum $185 with one-click ease, if that works for you.)



Registration Closed

15% of proceeds of this course will be donated to  Tejas Web to support their public rituals and to provide scholarships for magic classes. 

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