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Create Sacred Space to Explore


In order to create your life consciously, you first need to create time to connect with your own Divine Spirit and with your spiritual allies.  If you are not already doing this, chances are you are feeling the call but distracting yourself with other activities.   To find out what you are really searching for, underneath the business of your everyday life, you may want to try WildCat's email course  Ariadne's Golden Thread: What Am I Really Searching For? 


Once you have freed up time, to help you create a deep and interesting daily spiritual practice, WildCat has created a very accessible 21-day email-based course you can join at any time, from anywhere, called Creating Your Daily Magical Practice.  This course is the pre-requisite to the MAGIC training, and includes many "advanced" as well as "basic" magical tools.  



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Create your Life Consciously with M.A.G.I.C.

WildCat has created an approach to the teaching of magic and energy work which provides key tools and skills for clarifying and claiming our authentic power, and for developing and strengthening love and integrity in our relationships.

-- Suzanne

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