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Email Courses 

21-Day Email course: Creating a Daily Magical Practice

Create a new habit of practicing magic daily or deepen your existing practice with 21 days of email inspiration.


This course is an introductory course in connecting with your Divine Spirit and your sacred purpose, and also serves as an introduction or refresher course in magical manifestation.  Each email gives you magical tools that will help you create your life consciously, including setting up an altar, grounding, meditation, and working with Tarot and spiritual guides.  "Advanced" as well as "basic" practices are included, and each meditation has been recorded, so you can listen and repeat the practices as often as you want.  At the end, I give guidance in selecting which of the practices you want to keep doing on a daily basis, and a magical way to commit to your new habit, with the help of your own Divine Spirit and your spiritual allies.





          Email Course: Ariadne's Golden Thread

Reconnect with your Divine Spirit when you feel lost in the material world or the Internet.


This course gives you an important tool for intervening in a habit of getting lost.  Includes a recorded meditation and a beautiful printable finger labyrinth for your use at home.

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