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The Pentacle of Alliance: Awareness, Action, Acceptance, Affirmation, Adaptation


The Pentacle of Alliance is the second class in the MAGIC series (self-Mastery, Alliance, Generosity/Gratitude, Intention, and Co-Creation).  Having mastered ourselves and manifest our lives consciously (ha ha -- or at least started the process!), we are ready to reach out and encounter others magically.  Over a six month period, you will learn to


  • become more aware of others energetically, paying attention, sensing, listening, and becoming informed

  • act to establish energetic connections with allies through gift-giving and/or completing tasks 

  • accept the personas (fallen archetypes) within self and others that create power-over conflicts and violence, help these personas "grow up" into the healthy archetypes they have the potential to become, and learn activist skills to be an ally to those oppressed by them, 

  • affirm others and celebrate them in all their glorious differences, and get to 'Yes!' by negotiate healthy agreements that satisfy diverse interests

  • adapt, learn, and grow through encounters with others, surrendering ego to rebirth your Self as a person who is an effective Ally for others


Come join WildCat in this powerful journey of deep diversity work and self-transformation!

the Pentacle of Alliance

Next course: TBA


Two weekend intensives


Included in the course: monthly emailed homework assignments, and one private magical coaching session (by phone) between workshops.


Registration closed.


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