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Graphic used with permission.

Ariadne, Goddess of the Labyrinth

Ariadne is from the Greek pantheon.  

Ariadne was the daughter of Minos, king of Crete, and with her magic thread she enabled the hero Theseus to penetrate the labyrinth in which the half-bull minotaur was held in order to slay the monster (symbol of bringing the shadow self under conscious control) and be able to return safely.  When Theseus later abandoned her, she became the bride of Dionysos, god of ecstasy, who elevated her to immortal status as a goddess.  


The image here is from the new Chrysalis Tarot, illustrated by Holly Sierra, in which Ariadne takes the place of the traditional Death card in representing the radical transformation which can take place when we let go of our old ways of being and take responsibility for creating something new.


WildCat collaborates with Ariadne in work with Ariadne's Thread, the labyrinth and the Web of Change as tools of transformation.

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