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Conversational Tarot


Imagine that you are conversing with a wise spiritual being who knows your purpose in life, your deepest loves and fears, your challenges and choices, the motives and patterns of your allies and adversaries, and truly loves you.  You can ask any question you desire -- and the answers you receive will be true, healing, and will challenge you to grow.


This is Conversational Tarot.  


The Tarot is a language for communicating with our own deepest selves, who are connected to the god/desses and can give us all manner of insights into the choices, relationships, joys, and challenges of our lives.  Tarot conversations can also clarify our intentions before engaging in magic to effect change.


If you would like to practice using Tarot as a language for communicating with your own Divine Spirit and the god/desses, come join me in an informal series of  Conversational Tarot classes.  In this intimate setting, you'll learn the simple method I use to give breakthrough Tarot readings, and will have access to my help interpreting the cards you draw, as you develop your confidence in your own ability to read for yourself.  We'll explore using Tarot to recover from being emotionally "triggered," inform decisions and spells large and small, divine the intentions of self and others, and understand relationship dynamics.


No experience with the Tarot is required, but if you have a favorite deck, you'll be able to use it.  This class will be accessible and useful for all skill levels, beginner to advanced.




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