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Members at both levels receive access to magical tools, drafts of books, and training otherwise only available in classes.


Ally level: $10/month


Allies support the development of new magical courses and the offering of free courses by contributing just $10/month.  Allies receive $50 off tuition for any courses they attend.


Angel level: $100/month


Angels enable WildCat to spend more time developing courses and writing, and thus speed the release of new magical opportunities!  Angels receive free tuition for unlimited courses (up to $500 tuition, and $500 off tuition for courses with higher tuition).  Angels also receive complimentary copies of all new books.


Contributions at both levels are billed automatically via PayPal, and can be discontinued at any time.  All class participants must have completed the pre-requisites for a course in order to register.

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Help WildCat develop new coursework with your support at the ally or angel level:


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