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Partnership Magic Series

In this series of 7 classes, singles and couples learn to use magic to strengthen their life partnerships.  Whether you are currently partnered or wanting to be, this series will give you magical tools for forming and sustaining a passionate, mature, and interdependent life partnership.  We use a powerful combination of energy work, trance, movement, meditation, divination, spellcraft, and ritual, as well as good old supportive and challenging conversation and fun.


Participants learn to increase their own power so that they can freely give and receive love and shift patterns of codependency, conflict, and stagnation that can take hold in long-term relationships.  Couples (of all kinds, including gay, lesbian, and straight) are welcome, but even if your partner is a 'muggle' or can't take time off work, you can take full advantage of the course to shift your piece of the puzzle.


The seven-class series is structured around the seven chakras, seen both as magical energy centers and clairvoyant sense organs.  We'll be working simultaneously with the liberating (root to crown) flow of energy and the manifesting (crown to root) stream.  The work is most powerful when you experience the whole series, but each class stands on its own and may be taken separately.


Class 1: The Root.

Beginning with the root, we ground and take magical responsibility for our own health and safety, using the wisdom of fear to alert us to real dangers, but learning to soothe ourselves and move into trustworthiness and commitment, staying connected when the going gets tough, rather than running away (literally or figuratively).  We also work with Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity in marriage, to move beyond our blocks to creating wealth.


Class 2: The Crown

At the crown, we align with our God Souls, and (re)connect as Witches with the ecstatic experience of oneness with the gods, moving away from loneliness to joy in the process.


Class 3: Sex

At chakra two, we move away from staleness and boredom to (re)claim our juicy passion and discuss ways to move our sex lives to the next level with a combination of sensual play, sexual ecstasy meditation and full-on sex rituals. (And then go share them privately with the one we came with.  Yes, that's right, there'll be no nudity, sexual touching, or wife-swapping during this class.  Sorry!)


Class 4: Third Eye

At the third eye, we'll use the Tarot to explore the vision of our God Souls and reconnect to our deeper purpose, moving away from confusion and doubt to touch the knowing wisdom of our own intuition and move fully into our own authority.


Class 5: Power

At the power chakra, we'll tackle boundary magic, conflict and decision-making, moving away from shame, frustration and anger to pride, confidence, and collaboration.  


Class 6: Communications

At the throat, we will move away from cynicism to wonder, become curious to learn something new about our partners, ourselves and the world, and take responsibility for speaking our truth in love as the spiritual beings we are, leaving behind the limited selves who have been creating our current partnership issues.


Class 7: The Heart

Finally arriving at the heart, we will be ready to leave behind any habits of resentment and criticism and express gratitude and affection, opening ourselves wide to receiving love from the gods and our partners on all channels.  From this place we can radiate love to our partners, and together share this wonderful flow with our families and communities.


Open to magic workers of all experience levels.  If you are completely new to magic, you are encouraged to take an introductory course (Your Magical Life or self-Mastery) concurrently with this course.

Partnership Magic Series:

registration closed


Partnership Magic will next be offered as part of the Generosity/Gratitude phase of the M.A.G.I.C. training


See also Partnership Breakthrough, for powerful couple's work.


10% of proceeds of this course will be donated to Equality Texas to support their political work toward equal marriage rights. 

"I am a Witch, not a therapist, and I see magical work as complementary to, not a replacement for, other forms of healing.  My work empowers you to take responsibility for healing yourself and creating your own magical life!" -- WildCat

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