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Is the (Wild)Cat ALIVE or DEAD?

Stepping into a parallel Universe

It has been a long time since I posted a blog for my faithful friends and magical allies, and I'm grateful to those of you who are reading to see what's been going on in my magical life, and to find out whether the (Wild)Cat is alive or dead... Here's the answer: After existing in a superposition (Dead/Alive) state for years, full of loving intentions I have been unable to fully manifest, I have finally made a quantum shift into creating a calm, joyful, mutual love relationship and feelings of productivity, contentment and ease. This Wild quantum Cat is very much ALIVE and full of energy and love, and I've stepped into a new Universe of Generosity and Gratitude!

Calling into being the intention of connection: how do I create the "Cat is ALIVE" state of ease and flow?

The model of a committed partnership gives us a human experience of what is, as usual, a spiritual archetype. When human partnership works, it gives us the experience of being secure in a love relationship, enabling blessing to flow freely between the lovers, and into the world. I have only to initiate the connection with the gods to unfurl my energetic wings, through which flow peace, security, and love from the gods. Their answer to the call is always "YES!" ...but even when I am connected to the gods I cannot create my life unilaterally -- my intentions must be aligned with those of the human and divine allies with whom I'm working. The painful truth I have had to accept this past year is that sometimes there is no path forward to creating the flow of love in a human relationship, because both partners must in freedom choose to create the connection. Sometimes, you just can't get there from here! In quantum physics, sometimes there is no path between one state and another, no possibility of traversing the space (physical or energetic) in between. The only way to get there is by a "quantum shift" into an altogether new configuration, unconnected to the old, but consistent with the same conditions. Making a magical shift may involve collaboration with new allies who DO share your intentions and will be willing co-creators. It may involve a quantum shift into living in a new Universe!

How do I stay in the new Universe, the one in which the Cat is ALIVE? I must first cut my (energetic) ties with the old one, and free up my energy for new creativity.

Cutting cords is a wise and powerful hygienic practice I highly recommend before setting intentions for the New Year. Visit my website for guidance in this practice if it is unfamiliar to you. (There will of course also be some protective actions to take in addition to cutting cords, or the unhealthy relationship(s) will grow back and bite you in the ass. See the tools under boundary magic on my website for some suggestions.) If there is a lot of pain associated with the past, magical detox is also in order! I recommend the rite of unbindingto free up your energy for new creativity.

...Set the intention to create a new reality

You will also find on my website a description of a magical way to set an intention for a shift into a new reality, or casting a spell.

...And then choose to feed my energy into staying fully present in the new reality.

This involves daily practice! NOW (the New Year) is a great time to (re)start your daily magical practice, perhaps at a new time of day, if you have not been faithful in showing up at the time of day you chose in the past. I will be following my own course, as I do every year, to check that it still works! If you want to join me, please accept my gift of FREE enrollment by signing up for the Creating Your Daily Magical Practice course and entering the gift code "BEGIN AGAIN" before midnight on New Year's Day. (If you're reading this too late to catch the free gift, you can still sign up for 75% off with the gift code "RECOMMIT") It's a New Year, and I invite you to join me in creating a new Universe full of joyful, open, freely flowing love connections.

Love and Magic, WildCat

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