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Become a Master of Magical Manifestation!

self-Mastery will be offered online soon... stay tuned!


Testimonial from a graduate, several years after her self-Mastery training: 

"I've been in therapy off and on for 20 years, but it was this work that finally enabled me to heal my past and create a life I love for myself!' - Serena

The Pentacle of self-Mastery: Focus, Initiative, Equanimity, Positivity, and Openness


self-Mastery is an intense two-month course in which you will develop your magical ability to 

  • choose your focus and maintain it

  • encounter the Spiritual Beings behind ordinary experience

  • break patterns of distraction, such as Internet addiction

  • align your intentions with those of your own Divine Self

  • strengthen your Will and free it to manifest your Divine intentions

  • take responsibility for your actions

  • map your emotional sensations accurately to energy flows through your chakras 

  • de-escalate conflict and work skillfully with emotional triggers

  • "heal the past" by freeing psychic energy tied in past emotional upsets

  • tap into the Wild True Power of Love that creates the Universe in each moment

  • turn yourself "on" 

  • become a source of love and healing rather than criticism

  • open to further developing your psychic powers through multiple channels

  • increase your ethical strength to match your growing magical power

  • discover the key to unlocking your own magical self-Mastery

Required magical background:

  • self-Mastery is rich, challenging, and valuable even for the very experienced Witch.

  • It is also useful for those who are fairly new to a magical path (including teenagers, with an accompanying parent)

  • Must have some familiarity with the Tarot and basic magical practices such as grounding and casting a circle 

  • Pre-requisite: a foundational course in magic, such as Reclaiming's "Elements of Magic" or WildCat's online course "Creating Your Daily Magical Practice" or the equivalent in solitary study. 



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