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Do you find the Internet distracting?

If so, please join me in using magical tools to reconnect with your Divine Purpose.

Magical Practice: Ariadne's Golden Thread

Here's a sneak preview into one of the new classes I'm teaching next month... Do you ever find yourself spending hours more or less aimlessly surfing around the Web, drawn from one interesting tidbit to another, and then realize afterwards that you did not accomplish what you meant to get done in that time, or missed an opportunity to connect with a loved one? Ariadne, the Minoan princess who helped the hero Theseus find his way in and out of the maze with her golden thread and later became a goddess, is a wonderful ally for the work of breaking an Internet habit and reconnecting with your Divine Purpose. To use Ariadne's Golden Thread to find your way back out of the Internet, first write down what you are looking for and how much time you will spend. Set a timer. Then log into your browser. When the timer goes off, close your eyes and go within. Let go of what you were looking for, whether or not you found it, and feel for the golden thread of your connection with your own Divine Spirit. Ask yourself what deeper quest lies beneath your search. What were you really looking for? Companionship, inspiration, wisdom, distraction from feeling disconnected from your partner, progress toward your Divine Purpose? How could you give yourself what you were really looking for, and how would your life change as a result? This process is wonderful to do in a labyrinth, whether a full-size one or a finger labyrinth. On the way in, let go of your superficial search, in the center connect with your Divine Spirit and your deeper quest, and on the way out imagine your life changed by giving yourself what you were really looking for. This practice is now available by email, complete with a beautiful finger labyrinth... Love and Magic, WildCat

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