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Reason #1 you need self-Mastery:

...It works better to control yourself, NOT OTHER PEOPLE!

Do you want more money, security, vitality, sobriety, fun, sex, power, respect, love, music, focus, insight, ecstasy, joy, or peace in 2015?

If so, whose behavior (primarily) needs to change in order for that goal to be realized?

Would it be easier for you to do what needs to be done in order to manifest the life you want if you could

  • Stay focused on what's really important to you, and what you have the power to change, with the help of the gods?

  • Free your will from distractions, bad habits, attachment to the past, procrastination, blaming, conflict, and "forgetting"?

  • Use your emotions consciously to accurately read situations and choose appropriate responses, without getting "triggered" or shutting down?

  • Maintain a positive attitude, and radiate love rather than criticism?

  • Stay open to learning and increasing your power, including your psychic and magical abilities?

Are you hearing yourself saying "YES"? Then you may be hearing the call to develop more self-Mastery!

If you're ready to take magical responsibility for what you're creating in your life, and you have some magical experience, please consider applying for WildCat Magic's self-Mastery training.

Love and Magic,


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