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Reason #3 you need self-Mastery

...It's past time to forgive your parents, and their parents, AND GET ON WITH IT!

I just had a conversation with some friends this morning about how hard it is to look forward to seeing your birth family over the holidays when you're holding your breath waiting for them to apologize for those big hurtful things you're holding onto from the past.

What if they never do? What if they're doing the best they can? Are you big enough to show them mercy (forgiving and loving them even if they don't deserve it)?

self-Mastery enables us to let go of our attachments to the past, embrace the present, and move forward with becoming the person we were meant to be and doing the things we came here to do.

Are you ready to get on with it? Apply for the next WildCat Magic self-Mastery training, beginning January 10. You need only a little magical experience and the determination to take responsibility for creating your life.

The training includes two in-person magical intensives on the weekends of January 10 and April 11, with ongoing practice and support to sustain your new skills.

In the first weekend, you'll focus on the most important intentions your Divine Spirit has for your life right now, create a master spell to put them in motion, and use your magical Will to step into manifestation. Then you'll learn my unique system for using your emotions as senses to give information about the energy flows in a situation, avoid being triggered, and instead choose consciously the appropriate response. You'll also learn "reverse Magic," my approach to healing the past and freeing your power to use in the present.

In the second weekend workshop, you'll learn how to shift your energy from stuck, critical, or depressed into energized, alive, and positive, and radiate the healing energy of love. Then you'll learn how to open to your growing psychic powers and feel the Universe of possibilities...

Sound good? Get on with it! The first step is to send the gods a clear signal of your intentions: Apply today.

Love and Magic,


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