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Reason #5 you need self-Mastery

...If you dismantle your emotional triggers, other people can get close to you SAFELY

Emotional triggers are those little land mines that people can step on by saying or doing the wrong thing, "causing" an avalanche of old emotional garbage to come cascading down into your psyche. Overwhelmed, you go into unconscious defensiveness, where you react angrily or put up walls. Meanwhile, the poor soul who stepped on the mine is ripped up by shrapnel and/or left out in the cold.

If the emotional space around you is littered with emotional land mines, no one can get close to you safely. They can tip-toe around, walking on eggshells, hoping not to set one off, but they know it's only a matter of time, and if they stay around you long enough, they'll probably develop their own defensive arsenal.

Who is responsible for dismantling your emotional triggers and cleaning up the old energetic baggage that is piled up waiting to descend on the next person's head who says or does the wrong thing? That's right, YOU ARE!

Dismantling emotional triggers is the work of reverse magic, in which we revisit the past and reclaim the energy caught up in old upsets, and learn not to create new piles of it going forward. This is just part of the magical skills of Emotional Mastery, and you'll learn how in the WildCat Magic self-Mastery training beginning January 10.

How many hours of therapy at over $100 per hour have you spent on trying to do this work? Would it be worth $60 a month to you to learn to do it yourself over the next six months, with the help of the gods? (Please note: I'm not saying therapy is not useful. I've benefited from it myself! self-Mastery is about taking magical responsibility for your own emotional health and is fully compatible with therapy or coaching.)

If you're ready to make the emotional space around you a safer place for your loved ones, coworkers, friends and those you are here to serve, apply today for self-Mastery. Being willing to take responsibility is all that is required. You CAN do it!

Love and Magic,


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