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Reason #6 you need self-Mastery

...Drama is exhausting

Fear, anxiety, pain, intense disappointment, disgust, anger, irritation, frustration, betrayal, jealousy, grief ... they all share the common property of stimulating the body's "molecules of emotion," including the stress hormones.

They are literally exhausting to the body as well as the soul, eventually taxing the adrenal glands and leading to a host of physical symptoms, as well as decreased ability to cope emotionally.

So how do we moderate our emotional responses to avoid all this exhausting drama?

I've developed a new approach to working magically with emotions that views them as sensory signals of the energy flows in situations. The key is to notice the first signs of emotional arousal... for me, usually an increase in my heart rate and breathing, and identify the emotion you're feeling. The first emotion carries useful information about the situation that can readily be interpreted and lead to a logical, measured, conscious response.

The problem is that we usually suppress or ignore these subtle signals and they then short-circuit into other emotions and/or intensify to the point that they no longer correspond correctly to the situation and are upsetting to the point of "losing it." The unconscious reaction that ensues may involve yelling, crying, physical violence, reckless driving, irresponsible choices, and other behaviors that are not only ineffective and potentially embarrassing but also energetically inefficient.

Far from dampening the emotional response, developing magical emotional mastery allows us to be more aware of subtle signals and alert to what is happening in the situation. We are then able to respond with the appropriate level and kind of action, or acknowledge the feeling internally and choose not to reveal our emotional state externally, if that is the wisest course.

Are you ready to master your emotions and reclaim the energy you've been expending on drama? Apply now for the WildCat Magic self-Mastery training beginning January 10!

Love and Magic,


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