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Reason #7 you need self-Mastery

...You could feel HEALTHIER and MORE ALIVE

How alive and healthy do you feel right now?

5 Bursting with energy and enthusiasm; fully alive and vibrant

4 Energized, healthy, happy, interested in life

3 Enough energy to get the job done but not great

2 Low energy, run-down, bored, some health issues

1 Lethargic, checked out, depressed, in pain, or ill

What have you told yourself or done recently that contributed to your current state? Be honest with yourself.

Even if you have an organic illness, consider the fact that most of the medical issues common in the developed world right now are considered to be lifestyle related (that is, caused at least to some extent by diet, exercise, emotional stress, lack of sleep, and/or smoking, alcohol or other recreational drug use.) This list includes the inflammatory conditions, many mental health issues, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancers and accidental injuries. Also consider that making healthy choices of self-talk, diet, exercise, sleep and drug use helps you feel better even if you are ill.

So, taking full responsibility for your choices, to what extent did you create your current state? What could you do to take it up a notch on the above scale?

We all know that we would feel more alive if we ate a diet high in organic vegetables and fruits, drank a lot of water, exercised and slept regularly, stopped smoking, drank only occasionally if at all, had fun, spent time outdoors, socialized, and kept a positive attitude. But do we have the self-Mastery to follow through on our intentions to make healthy lifestyle choices?

Which of the following gets in the way the most for you personally in following through on what you need to do to feel fully alive, vibrant, and enthusiastic about life?

1. Prioritizing healthy choices (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.)

2. Following through on your priorities without forgetting or getting distracted

3. Emotional stress, mental health, or addictions

4. Maintaining a positive attitude

5. Being open to learning what might work better for you and trying something new

If you're having a hard time choosing, never mind! The WildCat Magic self-Mastery training includes practical tools for strengthening your skills in all of these areas. So if your new year's resolutions include doing what you need to do to feel more vibrantly healthy and alive, sign up now for self-Mastery!

Love and Magic,


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