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Reason #8 you need self-Mastery

...Life would be more FUN if you could count on yourself to SHOW UP

Do any of these avoidance techniques sound familiar? 1. Procrastination 2. Shutting people out and hiding in your room 3. Refusing to talk about it 4. Leaving 5. Numbing out with substances, food, videos, etc. 6. Getting sick 7. Standing on the sidelines criticizing the players 8. Feeling left out instead of suggesting something else 9. Pretending the problem doesn't exist 10. Changing your schedule so you're not there when others are 11. Telling yourself or others that another task has to be done instead

What other ones do you use? What happens to the problem while you're not dealing with it, or the work while you're not doing it, or the party/fun activity/opportunity to connect while you're not there? And what happens to your feeling state while you're in avoidance mode?

Yep, time moves on even while we're checked out, but our emotional state becomes stuck.

self-Mastery gives us courage to face our problems and our work and tackle them with a can-do spirit of collaboration, feel our feelings, and live life to the fullest we can, knowing that our time here with each other is precious.

Ironically, in order to develop the self-Mastery that will enable us to show up fully in our relationships (including work), the first step is to take some time alone each day, consciously, to be fully present with our own Divine Selves.

Use this daily meditation to get in touch with your real priorities, take a realistic look at yourself from an objective point of view, and connect with the Spiritual Beings who love you and will guide you and give you courage and skills for the tasks before you if you only ask for their help.

When feelings come up, identify and acknowledge them, and let them flow into the next state.

Less than an hour spent in real contemplation will do more than years of checking out to enable you to see whatever you're avoiding in a new light, and as a daily hygienic practice, it will help you SHOW UP for life.

Love and Magic,


P.S. For an email-based course you can follow from anywhere at any time to set up a FUN daily practice, sign up for "Creating Your Daily Magical Practice." For a complete course in self-Mastery, register for the next self-Mastery training at

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