• WildCat

Find your theme for the New Year... by calculating your Year Card.

Your Year Card:

In order to calculate your year card, add up the month, day, and year of your birthday this year. Add the digits together. If the result is more than 21, add the digits together again. The resulting number is the number of the Major Arcana Tarot card that is your overall theme for the year. For example, my year card is 10+24+2015 = 2049. 2+4+9 = 15, the Devil. Oh, boy. The Devil is about the dance with our shadow, as the beautiful card from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm above shows. Shadow personas run the show when we are acting out of addiction, coercion, etc., rather than out of the free will of our Divine Spirit. Of course, as Witches we are responsible for keeping our demons in check, so they don't inflict damage on ourselves or others. The Devil has already been a powerful teacher for me, as the Alliance class has taken on the important work of identifying and confronting the shadow personas that lead to human violence. In our class this month, we worked with the goddesses Kuan Yin (Mercy), Dike (Justice), and Aidos (Humility/Respect) to recognize the archetypes of oppressor, oppressed, passive imperialist, terrorist, jealous sibling, and self-destroyer. These, along with the troll and the spoiled child, are present in all of us to some extent, and can cause great harm when they are allowed to work in the shadows. Acknowledging them and learning how to counter them is part of the work of becoming a magical Ally. What is your year card? How has it already begun to shape your work this year?

Magical Tool: "WildMind"

Staying aware of center, keep simultaneous focus on the other people and situation around you, and your own feelings in your aura. Respond to threats by engaging as a dancer would -- either with firm frame ("shall we dance"), if safe to dialogue, or step aside to let energy by, if threatened. Stay in the flow of the present moment even if out of your comfort zone and avoid "beam me up, Scotty" mental escapism. This state is useful for activists of all kinds, whether you are confronting racism in your workplace or protesting in the streets. I like to practice it in the grocery store or while driving. Sometimes, if I had been in some kind of "absent-minded professor" state, when I drop into WildMind, I suddenly notice the people, colors, etc. around me. I am so much better able to respond to what is going on from this place. Love and Magic, WildCat