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Giving and Receiving Love

Magical Practice: Giving and Receiving Love on all Channels

When we first fall in love, we send love spontaneously on all chakra levels, generously giving money and presents, spending endless hours enjoying each other sensually and sexually, sharing chores, giving emotional support, telling each other our life's stories and "you're the best thing that every happened to me," creating dreams together, and connecting spiritually. Chasing that experience from one new love to another is an exhausting roller coaster, and the text of more than one country song... The conscious magical practice of love is different. Long past the end of the honeymoon, when "happily ever after" turns out not to be a given, we can choose to be generous in both giving and receiving love through relationship cords that connect us to others on each chakra level. But first we must renew our own connection to Source by opening to the flow of ecstatic joy from Earth to Spirit and inspiration and love from the gods back through us. It is only when this energetic current is stronger than the cords linking us to our lovers that we can give in freedom and not be thrown off balance by our relationships. The lovely Six of Stones (generosity) card from the Chrysalis Tarot by Holly Sierra reminds us this flow is the Tree of Life. Which (free associating here) reminds me that this month (mid-January through mid-February) is the celebration in the Greek calendar of the marriage of Hera and Zeus, and Hera's marriage gift of the tree with the golden apples (a much more appealing association for a mid-February celebration of love than some early Christian martyr, in my opinion...) Let's get out of martyrdom, for wild, true Love's sake, and back into the flow of energy from Earth to the gods and back and out to each other and back, weaving the whole glorious diverse community of Beings together... Love and Magic, WildCat

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