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Becoming an Open Channel ... here is a true story of how my life is opening up, as a result of my m

Ganesh's trunk, or the hummingbird's beak: open channels of sweet love from the gods

One of the energy forms I've discovered in the course of developing the MAGIC training is the energy channel -- Ganesh's trunk, or Lakshmi's hummingbird's beak. This is a way to create an open tube, as it were, for the divine creative love energy to flow freely between the gods and the magic worker (or group, in a ritual). Learning how to create similar clear channels between us as allies is the work of the third course in the MAGIC training, and turns us into generous givers and grateful receivers of divine creative love. This process is about transcending the competitive, critical, limiting ego and getting out of the way of the free flow. It is the next level of openness, surrender (which is not in any way about being a victim). It is becoming Ganesh's trunk, Lakshmi's hummingbird's beak, the energetic birth canal through which divine creativity comes into the world, and sweet human love returns to the gods to feed them. It is no surprise that this is an ecstatic process, and, in retrospect, that it is just as difficult and as much an initiation as birthing a baby. Here is a little picture of how I have been invited to open to the divine creative flow in my life recently... I was asked by a former colleague to fly out and mentor some new teachers in a young school he had just joined in California, and when I got there I found it a wonderfully free and creative place to be. I wasn't looking for a new job, but it quickly became obvious that they needed me and it would be a perfect place for me to contribute and be appreciated for what I could bring. Within a few hours, I had an informal job offer to consider. There seemed to be so many reasons it wouldn't work! Kids, exes, my wife's job, moving across the country, wanting to keep our wonderful Rhiannon's Rest... but over the course of the next two weeks (while not coincidentally I was teaching magic classes on Ganesh, Lakshmi, and Getting to Yes!!), each obstacle simply melted away. All of our kids were accepted to the new school and the exes immediately agreed to the move. My wife's boss gave her permission to work remotely from CA, and my new employer gave me an advance that is enabling us to complete the project of turning Rhiannon's Rest into a retreat center. Then came the difficult part... actually saying 'yes,' as a family. During our decision-making process, at the end of the Alliance course I was teaching, I led the participants in a "surrender" Tarot spread (one I learned from Louise Androlia). My reading told me in very clear terms that what I needed to surrender was this opportunity to expand. The gods assured me that surrendering it would make room for service and true collaboration. I was very attached already to the idea of taking the job offer, and I was clearly being asked to let it go. This was very hard to do, but I knew that my magical integrity would allow nothing less than following the process I recommend to others. I told my family I was willing to refuse the offer if any member of the family did not say 'yes' to the move, and took that willingness into the labyrinth, where the group set up an energetic channel (Ganesh's trunk) around the labyrinth. In the walk, I envisioned all the ways I was coming from ego, and in the center, connected with my divine purpose to serve. On the way out, I saw myself stepping into this opportunity, not because of the ways in which my ego was being stroked by the attention, but because here was an opportunity to serve in an environment that wouldn't restrict my creativity, and each member of the family would receive healing. Coming from this place did enable service and true collaboration. Each member of the family said "yes" in turn. By being willing to give up taking the opportunity, I was able to receive it as a gift. Since accepting the new position, I have been feeling so grateful for the people I have worked with in my current situation for so many years, and have spoken with many of them, thanking them for all the ways we have collaborated with each other over the years and the many gifts I have received from them. I am also grateful for this community of magic workers who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of the classes I have created. I am particularly grateful for the brave souls among you who have been willing to let this BIG MAGIC transform your lives, and those who have been my Allies in re-birthing myself. Love and Magic, WildCat