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Does becoming aware of your emotions feel like opening Pandora's box?

Remember Hope

Under all the painful demons you may have stuffed into your jar of emotions, Hope remains

One of the central tools in the self-Mastery course included in the MAGIC training is using emotions as a sense organ for the energetic flows around us, and taking responsibility for releasing the stuffed emotions from the past so they aren't bottled up waiting to spew out when triggered. If you find yourself overreacting to something someone said or did, take it into your meditative life at the end of the day. What 'extra' emotion popped out? If it was anger, it may be helpful to look at the situation and ask yourself if there was a boundary crossed that you might not have been aware of at the time. Are you allowing yourself or someone you feel responsible for to be taken advantage of, or criticized unfairly? If the anger felt out of proportion to the present boundary violation, you might also consider if you have made a habit of not setting clear limits in similar situations. Emotions arise to bring important messages. In self-Mastery I share my magical research into the mapping of emotional sensations to particular energy flows through the chakras. This mapping clarifies the important information each emotion carries. When the message an emotion brings is consciously received and acknowledged, even if you choose not to express or act upon it, the emotion will often subside. It is important to let emotions flow and let them go, rather than stuffing them in an internal Pandora's Box, to cause havok later! What about Hope? She is there in the bottom of the jar, letting us know each time we take responsibility for our emotions that there is hope we can continue to grow and move into more just, peaceful, and loving relationships with the other Beings in our lives. The secret is to have the courage to open the jar each night and acknowledge the messages received, instead of losing ourselves in denial or distractions, so that we can each day encounter Hope. Hope is the sensation of the pull toward spiritual connection at the crown chakra, and by first uncovering and then satisfying that desire each evening, we move through joy and ecstasy to relax into peace. This practice is a tiny portion of the emotional mastery work included in the self-Mastery course. I wish I had the time to share more here, but if you're intrigued, I encourage you to join the training! This part of the work is unique to MAGIC; though it is of course based on and rings true with other traditions, you won't find it anywhere else! Blessed Be!

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