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Peace begins at home...

Magical Practice: Creating Peace

Creating peace is not a passive process. It is hard work, and requires strong Allies! In the Alliance class, we work with the goddesses Kuan Yin (Compassion), Dike (Justice), and Aidos (Humility) to help us learn to be responsible magical Allies for others, and make love rather than conflict in our lives. Dike and Aidos were said to have left Earth after the Golden Age, refusing to work with humans anymore because of the increasing levels of injustice, violence, and lack of responsibility and respect. It is time to beg them to rejoin us! I invite you this holiday season to take a vow of peace with me ... for the New Year, make a conscious effort to take full responsibility for the ways in which you are creating conflict in your life. Choose being connected over "being right," without giving up on your own ideals. Turn your own pain into compassion for others who are hurting rather than lashing out. Reach out to validate the feelings of those around you, have the humility to restrain your tendency to hurt and blame others, and work together with your allies to create just solutions that meet everyone's legitimate interests. Be hard on problems and soft on people! Pray to Kuan Yin, Dike, and Aidos to show you the way. There is no peace without justice, respect, and compassion, and no prosperity without peace. Prayer for Peace: Come sweet mother Eirene (Peace), show us the way to create Plauto (Plenty). Show us how to reach out in compassion to heal the pain we have caused. Show us how to get what we want by respecting and meeting everyone's needs, rather than through the systems of domination that permeate our shadow selves! Join me in taking a magical oath to create peace in your little part of the world, and become the change we are praying for. Love and Magic, WildCat

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