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Putting down roots in a new place

(Reclaiming LA logo, in honor of making new connections in my new community)

Connecting is first and fundamentally an internal process. The first step is for me to let go of my disappointment and desire for life to be other than it is. I drop my resistance to what is, in the moment, and feel my connection to the gods and the creative love flowing through everything around me. I reach out, receive what I'm being offered, and say thank you.

This radical acceptance leads to what I've called enlightenment, an awareness of the love-light of the gods creating each moment. It also allows me to be at peace with the lack of whatever I was wanting. So it is its own reward!

In this state I feel my connection to my own Divine Self, and to my spiritual Allies. I feel calm, confident, powerful, but also humble. I feel whole unto myself, and not desperate to connect with others.

Paradoxically, I'm also discovering that this sort of internal connection to Spirit is key to connecting to others. My connection to my pantheon, and relaxation of wanting the world (and people) around me to be other than they are allows me to connect with others where they are in the moment. It gets my judgment out of the way of our being together, and allows me to be more relaxed about my responses to what IS happening. I find I can accept far more responsibility, without becoming defensive, when I am connected. I can put my unmet desires on the back burner without feeling in the least bit deprived, because the ecstatic flow of being in the moment makes those wishes less urgent. I am freed up to enjoy what IS happening when I quit worrying about what ISN'T happening for me.

In making new connections, one interesting thing I've noticed is that there are many different types of connections I enjoy making with people. The interactions are delightful when I connect with people where their interests overlap with mine in the moment, rather than trying to make the kind of connection I want with a person happen or sticking to what is socially expected of our roles. It works better when I say "yes" to offers, or make offers to whoever is open to it. I guess this is kind of a contact improvisational dance way of looking at it, and I can't quite articulate what I'm experiencing yet, but it is for me a seed of something wonderful. I can feel the sprouts of the next MAGIC course, in which I'm exploring how to love with great energy flows and freedom, starting to push through the fertile soil of this new place I'm in.

I'm not sure what this means for commitment, but I am also noticing that whether I stay connected to someone is a mutual in-the-moment process. I'm reminded of the old sales saying: "Some will, some won't, so what?" The people who stay connected are the ones for whom it works, on both ends.

Love and Magic,


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